Etsimme basistia ja laulajaa!

Etsimme metallin soittamisen osaavaa basistia ja laulajaa (tai laulavaa basistia)! Ikä mielellään 14-18, mutta 13-25 on OK. Bändi toimii Espoossa. Jos kiinnostuit, ota yhteyttä:

About Us

We are Age of Dark Souls, a beginner instrumetal (=instrumental metal) band from Finland. ​

Touko the Drummer, 14, has played drums for 3 years. He also played bass for the self-titled first album but he sucks at playing the bass so we really need a real bassist (the text above is an ad for a bassist).

Kirpz the Guitarist, also 14, has played guitar for about one and a half years.

Jami the New Guitarist, 18, joined the band in March 2021. Pretty much immediately we started writing second guitar parts to our songs. That project was however abandoned, and we're currently making new music.

The idea of forming a band was born when Kirpz started playing the guitar. Half a year later we decided that we want to play our own songs in our gigs.

During the spring we tried to write some songs, but we didn't like them at all. The recordings finally began in summer of 2020 with the song "Intro" that Touko had written a few years before.

In July we also wrote and recorded "N.A.S.A.W.T.".

After the summer we wrote songs and recorded them as soon as they were finished. The final recordings, mixings, and the long awaited publishing of the self-titled first album were done in February 2021.